Integrated solutions for the digitized process environment using M2M communication

As companies undergo increasing digital transformation across all business units and the systems rapidly become increasingly integrated, ICT technologies grow in relevance. Over the next few years, the digital transformation is likely to experience an even stronger evolutionary boost leading to the connected enterprise (Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things for enterprises). It implies a comprehensive vertical integration of machine and business processes as well as horizontal integration in the supply chain.

For companies, the acceleration of technological progress and the exploration of new fields of application is opening up critical opportunities and risks alike in the field of mobile solutions in ICT. In the future, mobile technologies will be an integral part of a modern ICT corporate environment. They are fundamental factors, facilitating sustainable earnings growth with very little headcount increase.

As part of a comprehensive approach, the first step is to cluster all communication behavior and work tasks, and allocate the ICT technologies used. This forms the basis for creating a company-wide IT platform that ensures the necessary end-to-end mobility of information and roles for all M2M processes. As a result, the overall quality of the products increases, and data integrity, data protection, and IT security is safeguarded for the company, its customers and suppliers.

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