IT transformation

A modern, integrated, and secure IT landscape that supports fixed and mobile applications and is tailored to the company’s strategy is vital to the fast and professional online delivery of marketing, sales, and services for customers today. Transparency and traceability are also necessary within an organization, in order to be recognized as a professional and efficient service provider.

In many companies today, established IT structures, legacy data pools, outdated applications, and extensive media discontinuities still impede IT departments from fulfilling this role. Sooner or later, a “renovation”, and in some cases a “restoration”, of the existing IT landscape is inevitable.

A critical success factor for restructuring data, IT-based processes, applications, and IT infrastructure is always the professional and comprehensive planning, design, and implementation of the migration both from a technical and non-technical perspective. In big and complex IT landscapes in particular, transformation is not day-to-day business, but a project that benefits hugely from the experience and expertise of consultants, considerably reducing risks at the same time.



LATUS consulting assists companies and organizations with:

  • IT assessment and potential analysis
  • Risk analysis and identification of critical IT systems
  • Definition of enterprise architecture, target architecture, and road map
  • Planning and design of  IT and process migration
  • Selection of suitable software and integrators
  • Migration and implementation
  • Coaching of project teams
  • Communication and reporting
  • Measurement of success and approval


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