Portfolio & market-entry strategies for ICT-based solutions

Regulatory and economical developments are undergoing ever more rapid transformation. In addition, new technology trends are allowing industry newcomers with new business models to enter the market as competitors. These permanent changes call for a differentiated approach to market entry and portfolio strategies. The dynamism and correlation of influential factors requires a method-based, systematic process model and regular reviews of the strategic positioning as part of a comprehensive approach.

Important findings can be derived from assessments of market developments, cross-sector and sector-specific competitive situations, as well as customer requirements, which, in turn, can be used in the context of a business plan to define or adjust strategic positioning and market entry strategies.

LATUS consulting has comprehensive project experience in this field and a proven set of methods to manage these tasks, which are used to provide in-depth national and international market information in order to be able to evaluate market- and company-oriented factors as well as their interdependencies.



Our range of services includes:


  • Development of USPs
  • Trend & technology scouting
  • Generation of ideas for new products and applications
  • Establishment of customer advisory boards
  • Matching of start-ups with corporates
  • Market/customer/portfolio strategy matching
  • National and international positioning
  • Optimization of added value
  • Development/optimization of partnering strategies
  • Development/optimization of channel strategies
  • Definition of suitable company form


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