Tender management for complex technology solutions

The preparation and evaluation of complex tenders requires a structured and proven project approach. Tenders cover far more parameters than simply the selection of the cheapest supplier. Alongside commercial requirements, technical and strategic/operative requirements, as well as technology maturity, can often have a significant influence on the decision. In addition, long-term delivery promises and a supplier’s stability are crucial to decisions on a strategic partnership.

A precise description of the requirements is therefore the foundation of a successful tender and the selection of a long-term suppliers as partners.

Following many successful tender processes, we have built up an extensive set of tools for the  fast and efficient preparation of tender documents. Tool-based evaluation methods allow LATUS consulting to analyze complex tender documents precisely according to the customer’s requirements.



Our range of services includes:

  • Definition of the tender goals
  • Summary of the task
  • Checks for completeness of requirements
  • Development of a general project and document structure
  • Preparation of the entire tender documents
  • Transformation of requirements into statements of compliance (SOC)
  • Development of evaluation criteria and definition of the scoring model
  • Assistance with Q&A Sessions
  • Evaluation of incoming bids
  • Scoring and weighting
  • Shortlisting of the bidders
  • Recommendations, bidder selection proposal
  • Preparation of and assistance with bidder presentations


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