Broadband Access

Putting technical innovations to optimum use to increase bandwidths, reduce costs, and maximize marketing success with innovative services and effective marketing channels is vital to the economic success of your projects.

Establishing and extending the next generation of access networks will be the telecommunications industry’s main focus in the coming years, both in Germany and around the world. Complementary wireless and fiber-optic networks are integral elements in the major task of delivering nationwide broadband coverage. Colossal investment volumes and often difficult business models make the challenges in this area equally huge. The task can only be accomplished jointly in partnerships with different market players, which means business models and plans have to be reviewed frequently to consider ever new viewpoints. Rapid progress makes it difficult to decide on the most suitable topology and technology. VDSL vectoring has already been replaced by on the agendas of network strategists today. Which topology will be economically efficient under what market conditions?

LATUS consulting has gained extensive experience from numerous Next Generation Access projects and is familiar with the business models and strategies in this field. Our direct support for multiple broadband expansion projects through to implementation has sharpened our sense of what is feasible.

LATUS consulting offers a comprehensive range of consulting services in the field of broadband access:

  • Evaluation of market potential and feasibility studies
  • Business modeling and profitability analyses
  • Partnering models and direct selection
  • Product, pricing, and market-entry strategies
  • Capex/opex modeling, revenue and business planning
  • Sales channel design and optimization
  • Price and product design
  • Technology strategy
  • Infrastructure, technology, and service roll-out
  • Tender and supplier management
  • Design and optimization of operating processes and organization
  • Pilot projects and implementation management