Connected Enterprise

Is your company ready for the digital future?
An end-to-end approach is the only way to ensure a sustainable digital transformation into a sound and highly efficient company!

As companies undergo increasing digital transformation across all business units and the integration of systems using M2M communication advances with burgeoning speed, so, too, do ICT technologies grow in relevance – both on a general level and especially when it comes to the most suitable ICT technology. Over the next few years, the digital transformation is likely to experience an even stronger evolutionary boost leading to the connected enterprise (Industry 4.0/industrial Internet of Things). It implies a comprehensive vertical integration of machine and business processes as well as horizontal integration in the supply chain.

Introducing the principles of the connected enterprise as part of Industry 4.0 is a major driver of future efficiency gains in an organization and its business processes. Here, it is especially important to ensure optimum interaction between individual smart objects. The transport and the ideal processing of information, language, and data beyond complete supply and value creation chains are the key to success.

Historical developments and industry affiliation has led to companies today having very different positions in terms of consistent IT support for their processes. The mobility of organizations and the mobile integration of processes never used to play an important role in every industry. This is now changing. Before “hastily” rolling out (often much-hyped) applications, every company should be open to a critical assessment of the current status. Only then can a carefully planned introduction of the necessary changes start, always considering the starting situation and the specific requirements of the industry. With a comprehensive approach, including full process analyses and clustering of the customer’s communication behavior and the ICT technologies used, it is possible to integrate smart objects and their data into a company-wide, bimodal IT landscape (“two-speed IT”). As a result, the overall quality of the products will increase, and data integrity and protection, as well as IT security for the company, its customers and suppliers, will improve.

LATUS consulting helps companies and organizations transform into a connected enterprise by:

  • Performing quick digital transformation readiness checks
  • Identifying value drivers and optimization potential
  • Developing digital business models and new digital product solutions
  • Providing end-to-end planning incl. change management for the digital transformation
  • Identifying, documenting, and auditing risks
  • Developing policies and a risk register, as well as risk minimization strategies
  • Developing a comprehensive IT strategy and IT architecture for “two-speed IT”
  • Creating a sourcing strategy and tender management for new services