Data Center / Application Hosting

Highly available, energy-efficient and secure data centers are the basis for rapid data growth and the increasing mobile availability of data and applications.

More than ever, data centers form the backbone of the digitalization of society. Services and applications are increasingly migrating to the cloud. Highly secure and efficient data centers are thus becoming both a productivity and cost factor for solution providers. This affects large corporations that store their applications in private clouds, as well as public providers of network-based solutions. The rapid growth in data is forcing data center operators to meet the demand for required storage capacity rapidly and efficiently. The protection and availability of the stored data and applications in a data center takes top priority.

But when does it makes sense to invest in an in-house data center? What criteria must be considered when outsourcing services and server systems to a data center of an external provider? How can SLAs be defined in terms of security and availability in order to fit the business model but also keep costs low? How do you go about designing your own data center? Finding answers to many of the new questions faced by IT managers in companies of all sizes will have a huge impact on a company’s efficiency.


From the strategic design of data center services to an integrated end-to-end architecture, LATUS consulting offers comprehensive consultancy services:

  • Business planning and preparation of make-or-buy decisions
  • Tender management for data center services, planning, and set-up of data centers
  • Technical planning of redundancy concepts
  • Definition of security and availability requirements
  • Partnering strategies
  • Auditing of data centers
  • Security audit of ICT networks