ICT Strategy & Governance

A consistent and transparent IT strategy in connection with suitable IT governance that is put into practice are the essential conditions for success with IT as a service.

Every company has some kind of IT strategy in place. However, often the strategy is not known, not implemented consistently, or is simply inconsistent, outdated, or inadequately documented. A strategy that is not clearly described and communicated will eventually lead to conflicts between IT and business units within a company.

Things take a critical turn when a lack of IT governance causes budgets and projects to get out of hand, employees become dissatisfied with IT services, and transparency suffers. As a result, employees lose trust in IT managers and the pressure on the IT division grows steadily.

LATUS Consulting helps companies to define their own IT strategy and communicate professionally. In combination with the introduction or optimization of IT governance, IT eventually becomes transparent and manageable. Consequently, employee satisfaction in the IT division, as well as user and stakeholder satisfaction, increases.



LATUS consulting advises companies and organizations on:

  • Assessing their strategy
  • Defining an IT strategy and governance framework
  • Introducing tools and processes for IT governance
  • Supporting migration and implementation
  • Coaching project teams
  • Communicating and reporting
  • Measuring success and acceptance