Radio & Wireless Technology

Mobility is king! Data volumes traveling via radio networks are rising inexorably. In addition, M2M applications have special requirements when it comes to cost efficiency and reliability. Putting innovation in wireless technologies to optimum use has the potential to tap new and secure existing markets.

Market demand for bandwidth and spectrum efficiency in connection with wireless and mobile communication technologies has increased dramatically in recent years. LTE technology is a salient example. The technical possibilities, vendor offerings, and differing standards around the world are complex and extensive as a result. With technologies becoming ever more complex, the demands placed on architecture and network planning increase in tandem.

When assessing the possibilities of technologies today, it is necessary to accurately distinguish between theoretical values, measurements taken under ideal conditions, and actual performance under real conditions. What is more, the availability of appropriate technology and functionality on the market determines the first-mover advantages of the various providers.

Which technology with which functionalities and the required mass market stability is actually available?
Under which conditions can the stated bandwidths and quality parameters actually be achieved?
Which wireless technology should be used in which application scenarios? What architecture and process changes will be necessary for the changeover?


Our consultants offer mobile providers and wireless technology users comprehensive advice on their strategy, planning, and implementation of networks and technologies:

  • Strategy, business and operator models
  • Technology maturity level evaluations
  • Cost and technology comparisons
  • TCO, capex and opex reviews
  • Application scenarios and feasibility studies
  • Design of technical architectures
  • Standardization and regulatory aspects
  • Spectrum tenders
  • Capacity, network, and expansion planning
  • Production cost analysis of services
  • Sourcing strategy, tender management
  • Assistance in contract negotiations
  • Roll-out management
  • Establishment and optimization of performance management