ICT special know how

Cross-sector ICT expertise

Increasing levels of connectivity and the processing of ever larger data volumes are posing ever new challenges to industry, the service sector, government authorities, and organizations. While in the past the focus was on increasing IT-based production, nowadays it is essential to integrate the entire value chain, from supplier to customer. Government authorities are challenged with providing the public with fully automated processes for as many administrative transactions as possible.

In order to be competitive with regard to efficiency and quality, companies and organizations must intensify their efforts regarding the exchange and processing of electronic data. This will increasingly require specialist know-how and expertise beyond their core business areas. Connecting industry expertise with extensive, in-depth IT and telecommunications know-how is the key to overcoming these challenges successfully.

With numerous consulting projects and operative leadership activities under their belt, LATUS’ consultants have cross-sector competence profiles and a level of experience that is unparalleled in the industry.