LATUS philosophy

LATUS’ overriding goal is to support companies with business-critical digital transformation and enterprise connectivity to boost their technological and financial success.

We focus on sustainability. We define success as the ability of an organization to achieve sustainable, stable, and above-average results.

Our customers’ success is our motivation. We only wind up our involvement once our customers’ business objectives are achieved sustainably.

  • Entrepreneurial and task-oriented:  We focus on our customers’ business objectives with persistence and personal commitment.
  • We are assertive yet sensitive when dealing with complex customer matters, especially in change-driven projects.
  • We search for the best solution every time and are always prepared to adopt new approaches.

Doing the right things right

We analyze the problem together with our customers, always keeping an eye on the big picture. Even smaller issues can often have deep-seated causes. We are guided by the primary objective when analyzing and defining the task. This is how we measure the success of the implementation.

The formula for success: Strategy – Implementation – Efficiency

Our team takes pride in tackling problems other consultants shy away from.

We support our customers from strategy development through to the implementation of their project goals.

As interim or project managers, we assume direct responsibility for the success of our customers.

We benchmark ourselves by operational results.

The LATUS approach: